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How do we make the transition from being an unstable planetary species facing several extinction threats, into a long-term stable species resident in this local solar system? Simple! The following outline says it all, beginning to end. The devil is in the details....

This idea of people going out to space, seen as a project, can appear as a few core objectives. These are sequential objectives, for each must be largely completed before much can be done with the next. But over time, they overlap a lot. Each objective is only partly an engineering objective. For each, social components are as necessary as hardware components. After all, aren't these new Settlements to be done basically for people? My construction is,

1) Choose to do it.

2) Base. Begin with building a large social, industrial, research and economics campus here on Terra whose prime purpose is planning, building, and sending out basic Settlements. (To plant seeds across our Solar System.)

3) Liftoff. Send out that first Settlement. Bugs in the program and in machine systems will appear immediately. Fix those. More will appear with passing time. Fix those. While that is going on, the Base ASAP sends out the next Settlement, and the next....

4) Settlement. The first Settlement is a test and a proof. The first Settlers must face a joint challenge of resolving the bugs that have appeared in their program and systems while building their basic human place off-Terra. A second Settlement follows soon and not to the same place. This makes up the minimum number of Settlements that can begin building the business and economics networks required for human life off-Terra.

5) Time. Over time, the several Settlements and their economics systems survive and grow to become "permanent." It's a key point that you cannot hustle a decade: it takes ten years by any reckoning. Here on Terra, us humans can feel we've succeeded with our Settlements when those settlements have been stable for several decades.

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