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Fume and Rant re:

American Politicians and Politics, vs Space

from Martha Adams

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A good Fume and Rant wants development and editing time. For which reason the following is a few items out of my larger project. Which will replace current materials here when I feel it's ready enough.

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Many among us teeming billions of humans here on Terra, simply don't realize space and the universe are out there. They believe old fantasies, grown up through past millennia, that acknowledge little beyond immediate human experience. Where that resource fails, the difference is attributed to the intent and will of human-like beings, larger than human.

Those many humans, a significant part of the morass that is human culture, are complemented by those who participate in social corruptions of all levels; in denial of resources to some among us. The outstanding result is a failure by the entire human species, to acknowledge reality and respond to it. Over the short run, "faith-based" wins. And over the long run, this universe we are in has no obligation to us. We stand or we fall, we choose. Thus, over the long run, "faith-based" is not just wrong. It's a killer, it's deadly.

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America is this world's most technically advanced and knowledgeable country, or it was. Today, its former world leadership seems dissipated into a fog of faith-based backward thinking religions, along with several (not even many) immensely huge companies whose well-guarded internals seem to feature huge payoffs for a small number of people. These companies being "too big to fail." And this whole piled up into a special-interest mountain "defended" by a military larger than the combined militaries of several next-largest militaries; by naval forces also immensely out of proportion; and by enough nuclear weapons to sterilize our planet.

How did this unfortunate and terribly wasteful situation develop? I think it starts with World War 2 and I point to Eisenhower's comments about "military-industrial complex" at the end of his Presidency. I think that when we won in World War 2, we lost the peace.

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Politics (laced with ignorance) is how America is not in space today. Americans walked on Luna decades ago, before Apollo was killed to free-up more money for the Vietnam war. Those Americans are in late old age now, and nobody follows them. The Space Shuttle, introduced a few years after Apollo, was offered as a transition vehicle to yet less costly and more effective designs to come. That transition never happened. Today, Washington thanks Russia for American access to space. And Constellation, a pale imitation of Apollo (and using much of its engineering) is cancelled by the latest Presidential turnover.

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A constructive response exists. Today's challenge of politics (and ignorance); it may be corrected by politics (and education). Even that religion-based travesty going on today in Texas could be corrected by politics. By political action.

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In my view, the four organizations I list here, reflect America's failure. Each one in its own individual and different way. If you read their sites you can see the problem plainly. I think I see there too many Chiefs, not enough Indians. See, for instance, the many costly meals served up, white tablecloths and waiters, so whoever will pay out a few to several tens of dollars, can sit in the company of Big Names, listening to upgrade philosophy about space. My problems with such events is 1) the cost, which excludes many interested in the work; and 2) nothing gets done done there. Grump. Anyhow:

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Mars or Bust!

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