High DC current water cooled DC smoothing reactor

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For high-power DC power supply equipment, due to rectification, there is pulsation characteristic in the DC circuit. In order to prevent sudden current and stabilize the arc, it is necessary to configure large DC flat-wave reactor in the circuit.

Working current of current industry applications, the reactor is smaller, basic in under 10 kA, but high power reactor current big (dozens to hundreds of kA kA) if use air cooling reactor, its volume, heat dissipation and resistance short-circuit capacity design is difficult, so often used water cooling of air-core reactor cooling water system of the rectifier,Take the reactor heat outside


This kind of water-cooled reactor is widely used in power grid fault current limiting, high frequency heating, plasma power supply, nuclear magnetic field control and other fields,especially used in  Metallurgy: DC EAF steelmaking technology (DC EAF), low voltage and large current.




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